Here to present you all our bold sauces and chutneys, each their own specific flavor palette but all sooo damn delicious. Inspired from dishes and spices from all over the world and developed with great care and hot passion. But be aware they are hot hot hot! Do you dare?

Spicy Mayo

This ultra-creamy mayonnaise is damn good on top… of every food. Imagine the most delicious and moist burger ever drowning in creamy I am Superspicy Mayo sauce. All kind of barbecue, fondue, gourmet and stone grill fits, vegetarian or herbivorian. Delicious as a dipping sauce with various snacks, sandwiches, hot dogs or just the ordinary fries. We assure you, even if your partner can’t cook you are going to like it. As we said fits with everything.

Ingredients: Creamy because of the egg, spicy because of the Madame Jeannette match made in heaven. Mouthfeel of something silky nor punchy. Full of flavor.

Spicy Ketchup

Time to spice up your catch, whatever that means for you… Because what doesn’t fit with ketchup? All kind of (fake)meat or fish will be happy to be bffs with our Spicy Ketchup. Oh and if you are really a daredevil try mixing it with I am Superspicy Mayo.

Ingredients: Our ketchup is packed with fresh tomatoes and real chilies to ensure you that every bite will spice you up.

Indonesian Style Sambal

Deliciousness isn’t chilly because it is daaamn hot in Indonesia (and wet ;)) A different look and feel but traditional flavors what fits with the traditional dishes. Rice tables, fried rice, noodles goreng or any hot dishes is the perfect match with this Indonesian Sambal. Try it as a dipping sauce with spring rolls, pastries or samosas. More in the mood for something different? Mix soy sauce with Indonesian sambal and let any protein marinate overnight. Enjoy a mouth explosion of flavors

Ingredients: The deliciousness and rich flavor come from all the carefully selected herbs and spices like, galangal, ginger, many peppercorns, and bay leaves. We add some tomatoes to freshen everything up and to balance it.

Pica ChilLi

So you think spicy can only be hot? No time to chill with this slightly sour sauce because this one is a game changer. Numerous European, Caribbean, and Surinamese dishes with egg, meat, chicken and vegetables are complementary to our sauce. Make every dish a party with I am Superspicy Pica Chilli.  

Ingredients: Because of the onion, carrot and pickle the sauce will be chunky and sour. It is a party to add with any dish because of the beautiful yellow color.

Roti Chutney

You like anything with curry spices like Surinamese, Indian, roti dishes? Then is this roti chutney made for you, you are our ultimate curry’er. Even Bara, Phulauari, chicken is soo good with Roti Chutney. Dare to compete with your granny, we bet this one wins. Oh and watchout for yellow fingers, because you will lick it off your fingers.

Ingredients: An ingredient list longer than your Wishlist with Santa clause, all to make sure your experience is one to remember. Turmeric, cloves, Celery, onion, cumin, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, let’s just say every spice in the kitchen is in it, taste sensation guaranteed.

Ketjap Style Sambal

Among all these really hot bad asses is this a sweetheart, but do not underestimate her. Because like every woman there is much more power inside than you can see from the outside. I am Superspicy Ketjap Sambal is suitable with any dish, a good rice table, on prawn crackers, spice up your fried rice or soup. Also really good as a marinade, because her sweetness it will be nice and sticky once you grilled your protein.

Ingredients: More soybeans than chilies make it an odd one out here. Less heat, more salty balanced with the molasses. The golden combination salty with sweet makes this sauce so good to use as a marinade.

Madame Jeanette

Well, well, well… You must be a real daredevil if you voluntarily want to eat this. Because damn this one is too hot to handle. Full of the best quality of Madame Jeanette peppers makes this sauce a little heat bomb of chili. Use it in your cooking for that extra heat. Because the base is simple with only peppers it is suitable for any kitchen; Turkish, Chinese, Italian, Greek or Surinamese. Just do not put accidentally put to much in it or spill it over your hands…….

Ingredients: What to say?! Pepper, peppers, peppers!

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